Andrew DeAngelo Talks about Cannabis Industry, Challenges, Advances and his New Playboy Column

Andrew DeAngelo Talks about Cannabis Industry, Challenges, Advances, and his New Playboy Column. Playboy, as an early advocate for cannabis rights, supported the National Organization for the Regulation of Marijuana Laws (NORML) for years. Playboy writers consistently produced authoritative articles about the failed war on drugs, benefits of weed, and the wisdom of its legalization. Playboy Foundation’s annual donation of $100,000 to NORML for a full decade launched the advocacy group – under the leadership of Keith Stroup – to become the nation’s leader in the fight against marijuana prohibition and advocacy for just laws and the fair treatment of cannabis users. Playboy’s mission has not changed from its original role that began over six decades ago.

Andrew DeAngelo


Now has a cannabis column written by a cannabis legend. Andrew DeAngelo, the co-founder of the Last Prisoner Project and Harborside along with his brother Andrew DeAngelo, debuted his first installment in Dope Tutor column: “ The Dope Tutor Answers: What Does Weed Law Have to Do With Racism? ” As a guest on High Society, Andrew spoke to Paxton Quigley about his life, his work, the importance of the Last Prisoner Project and his new Playboy column, the first of which looked at how the history of cannabis law in America has been consistently unjust and racist toward people of color. DeAngelo discusses how the cannabis industry can begin to right the wrongs of the past in order “to heal the inequities that permeate our society, a promise cannot be kept until more people of color attain positions of power and ownership in the legal cannabis industry.” Listen to this lively interview and let us know what you think.