Dr. Peter Grinspoon Discusses Current Events From Sha’Carri Richardson to Legalization

Dr. Peter Grinspoon discusses current events from Sha’Carri Richardson to legalization after a busy week of events that have seemingly affected not only cannabis legalization but provoked an outpouring of emotions and opinions that can only mean that what remains of the stigma surrounding weed is finally lifting and beneath it are millions who do not agree with its continued prohibition.

Dr. Peter Grinspoon

A Harvard trained and employed primary care physician and cannabis specialist for twenty-five years, Grinspoon said he was encouraged by the recent unveiling of the so-called Schumer Bill that seeks to end the prohibition of cannabis and remove it from the Controlled Substance Act, among other things such as allowing states to craft their own cannabis policies, regulate cannabis like alcohol and create a national expungement program.

Regarding the shameful disqualification of Sha’carri Richardson from participating in the ongoing Olympics, Grinspoon reiterated what he has said in the press since this decision was taken. He noted that there are no studies that show marijuana as a performance enhancer, which is why more and more professional sports teams are no longer testing for it.

Grinspoon said it was ironic that the various anti-doping agencies used the ‘performance enhancement’ argument when in fact, all these years there has been been very little scientific research done about the benefits of cannabis because the research itself was essentially prohibited.

Listen here to Dr. Peter Grinspoon talk about all this and more, including President Biden’s nomination of Dr. Rahul Gupta, West Virginia’s former public health commissioner and former chair of the West Virginia medical cannabis advisory board to be the new head of the office of National Drug Control Policy.


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