High Society’s One Year Anniversary

High Society’s One Year Anniversary with Paxton Quigley only on Cannabis Radio! Welcome to this first-anniversary recap of High Society with Paxton Quigley. Since Paxton joined CannabisRadio.com last year, she has explored a wide variety of topics from cannabis science breakthroughs to space travel to what people are doing together and alone during this long pandemic.

During the height of the lockdown, Paxton spoke with Dr. Sarah Mann, a Chicago-based physician who discussed how the pandemic and its social distancing restrictions were affecting people’s sex lives and what role cannabis plays in enhancing one’s sexual activities. Dr. Mann also talked about how prevalent anxiety was, and perhaps still is, among people who are unsure of what awaits them now that we are hopefully seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.

In this episode, High Society with Paxton Quigley speaks with one of the most prestigious astronomers and astrophysicists of our time: Dr. Abraham Loeb of Harvard University. Dr. Loeb believes that we on earth very likely have been visited by aliens. He cites one example when a cigar-shaped object flew past Earth in 2017. Loeb goes into detail in this fascinating interview. He also wrote an informative book on the subject called Extraterrestrial: The First Sign of Intelligent Life Beyond Earth.


On the topic of unidentified flying objects, Dr. Ravi Kopparapu, a planetary research scientist at NASA, tells High Society with Paxton Quigley listeners that star-gazing had increased quite dramatically during the pandemic as many of us, in these strange times, find ourselves staring up at the night sky. Dr. Kopparapu explains what we are seeing and where.

High Society with Paxton Quigley speaks with bestselling author and UFO investigator Rob Shelsky, who contends that the moon is hollow and aliens rule the sky. He explains all to Paxton’s listeners and goes deeper into the subject in his various publications that contain his hollow moon research findings.

High Society with Paxton Quigley’s guest, David W. Brown, speaks to listeners about the inner workings of NASA, a topic many have probably wondered about as NASA and its activities have been part of our social fabric and have kept us fascinated for a generation. Brown, a journalist and bestselling author, talks about how NASA scientists worked for years to discover a large saltwater ocean beneath Europa’s icy surface and much more.