Jointly App Helps Cannabis Users Track Usage and Much More

Jointly app helps users track cannabis usage and much more, said the company’s co-founder and CEO about a new consumer-driven database, which is already making waves in the legal weed market by helping consumers get organized about what they need, want, and how to find it. 

“Jointly advocates and promotes purposeful cannabis consumption by serving as a personal and collective database that essentially revolves around the goals users are aiming to achieve,” said Jointly CEO David Kooi. “It does this by providing a clear method to track their own [cannabis] usage, more specifically which products, methods, and routines work best for them.” 

Jointly creators assessed why and how people are consuming cannabis and CBD products and distilled them into eleven holistic wellness goals

Jointly App

How does it work?

The Jointly app, which can be downloaded for free at the App Store and will soon be available for Android users, helps consumers sort through the vast amount of cannabis brands, strains, and consumption methods available in the 38 legal-marijuana states, including Washington DC

All personal information is private and protected, Kooi stressed.

Not only does the app help users keep a record of their own responses and reactions, but it also helps them find and purchase legal and licensed products via the app’s search tool. Jointly does not sell products. 


Community feedback

Once a consumer uses a cannabis product, she or he can share a personal assessment on the database regarding how it affected them. 

“Users not only have practical information at hand but clarity and encouragement they might need to reach their goals,” said Illinois native Kooi, a dedicated athlete with a 25-year professional background in finance and marketing, which includes founding the popular Santa Monica Mountains Cyclery in 2010.


Bright future & useful resource

The Jointly app will soon include a dashboard for cannabis physicians, nurses, and researchers. The company also intends to integrate its site with dispensaries wishing to show their products and inventory. It will also be open to weed delivery services soon. 

For more information about Jointly’s free, unique and useful app, check out their already informative website and download the app here.

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