Marijuana Wins Big in 2020 Elections

Marijuana Wins Big in 2020 Elections with Matthew Schweich. With the 2020 presidential elections finally decided, cannabis fans of all political persuasions have a lot to be happy about, especially in five states where legalization measures passed with flying colors.  And, with the Democratic administration of President-elect Joe Biden set to take over, we can all share a sigh of relief. Though we must hold their feet to the fire to honor their promise to decriminalize cannabis and undertake drug policy reform. 

Marijuana Wins

Matthew Schweich, deputy director of the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) said that support for legal marijuana has only increased over the years. He pointed to the five marijuana ballot measures that passed in Arizona, Mississippi, Montana, New Jersey, and South Dakota. “Prohibition has been an abject failure while legalization has brought nothing but benefits to the states that have approved it. No one has ever repealed their [legal] marijuana policies,” Schweich said.


Asked whether New Jersey’s decision to legalize adult-use cannabis would set off a green wave on the East Coast, especially in New York, which has a potentially enormous market. Schweich said legalization in the Empire State should be inevitable in 2021 unless, of course, they want to “donate millions of dollars in revenue to their neighbor New Jersey.” The same goes for Pennsylvania and Connecticut. “Not only will they be missing out on the taxes, but thousands of jobs connected to the industry as well as existing industries that have been around for year will also grow.”


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