Mike Robinson: From Race Car Driver to MMJ Expert

Mike Robinson refers to himself as a “hippie stoner savant” though he is way beyond what any label can fully describe. Once a successful race car driver, Robinson’s racing career ended in 1995 when his car smacked into a wall at 181 mph. He ended up in a coma and then a wheelchair with a series of disabilities such as severe neuropathy and brain Injury, epilepsy, and several forms of cancer.“I went from making seven digits a year to collecting social security,” Robinson said. “Then my roommate gave me some CBD from whole-plant hemp and things totally changed.” Robinson soon became an unstoppable advocate for medical cannabis with a passion for helping others. He soon founded the Global Cannabinoid Research Center and the American Cannabis Compassion Alliance, worked as the director of communications at the American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine, and was a registered Civil Rights lobbyist.

Mike Robinson

He continues to provide various alternative protocol treatments to countless disadvantaged cannabis patients.  All of the above ultimately led Robinson to his most important job of all: being Genevieve’s dad. Genevieve, now 17, suffers from severe autism, epilepsy, and OCDHer mother contacted Robinson in 2016 seeking an alternative to the pharmaceutical medications her daughter was taking to little effect. Robinson responded with a cannabis-based rescue oil to which Genevieve responded positively and immediately. She continues to make enormous strides with a drastic reduction in seizures. As luck and love would have it, Genevieve’s mother and Robinson decided to tie the knot. And, while the rest is history on a personal level, there will surely be more to come from Mike Robinson, starting with the production of his own products, Mike’s Medicines

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