National Expungement Week: Co-founder Tells Us How to Get Involved

National Expungement Week: Co-founder Tells Us How to Get Involved with Torie Marshall. Torie is the cofounder of National Expungement Week, Sept. 19-26, 2020, talks about exactly how and where individuals can find legal assistance to manage the complicated process of clearing and sealing past convictions from their permanent records. Marijuana possession arrests comprise the vast majority of all drug busts and a conviction can follow a person around for their entire lives, blocking them from getting a good job, housing, student loans, and in some cases, preventing them from voting. Therefore, expungement is crucial.  And automatic expungement is the key, Ms. Marshall said, as a way of righting the wrongs of the racially biased War on Drugs, which decimated communities of color. Marshall specifically mentioned the work of tech company, Code for America’s Clear My Record, which expunged thousands of cannabis conviction records in California in minutes.

National Expungement Week

In addition to record clearing services, legal advice, and education, N.E.W. 2020 – now in its third year – is continuing its efforts and community outreach through a mix of online and in-person clinics, workshops, and events that include crucial supportive services such as pop-up food pantries and voter registration at select locations. In the wake of COVID-19 and growing calls for social, racial, and economic justice, the work of N.E.W. has become even more essential, Marshall said. She added that N.E.W. was a launch date but that their work goes on all year.  “Our year-round work never stops, but we use this week to inspire communities to take action, clear records, and restore the rights of some of the 77 million justice-impacted people throughout the United States.”

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