Ohio Mom Struggles for Medical Marijuana for Her Autistic Son

Ohio Mom Struggles for Medical Marijuana for Her Autistic Son: Tiffany Carwile, who seems to never sleep.

For the third year in a row, the Ohio Medical Board has refused to approve autism spectrum disorder as one of the state’s 25 qualifying conditions for medical marijuana. 

So Carwile is taking her arguments, based on science and experience, to Ohio’s legislators and governor. 

Carwile, president of the Autism Alliance of Ohio, said the most recent round of negative responses from the Ohio Medical Board was disheartening but “failure is not an option, for me or for my son.” Carwile’s 7-year-old son Jaxsyn was diagnosed with severe low-functioning autism in 2016.

Meet The Ohio

Tiffany Carwile and her children Kaidi and Jaxsyn.

Bipartisan support

Carwile explained that House Bill 60, which seeks to authorize medical marijuana for autism spectrum disorder, was sponsored by a Democratic and a Republican member of Ohio’s state legislature and will be given a hearing in late May.


With 44,000 diagnosed cases of autism in Ohio, it is one of the few legal medical marijuana states that has consistently refused to allow medical cannabis for the treatment of autism, despite a growing body of scientific evidence showing its effectiveness. 


Why Ohio?

Carwile, a tireless advocate who has written extensively on the topic, says that the Ohio Medical Board, which oversees the state’s cannabis program, has expressed concern about pediatric usage of cannabis, a justification that seems to make Carwile see red.


“They are perfectly fine with expecting parents to give their children 

opioids, benzos, tranquilizers and all sorts of medication that dulls their brains, agitates them and prevents them from leading happy lives, yet they won’t allow us to use a plant that is safe and effective,” said Carwile who added that Jaxsyn was prescribed up to 300 pills a month at one point.


To learn more about Tiffany’s work or to join the struggle, check out the Autism Alliance of Ohio.


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