Paxton Quigley Speaks with Cannaclusive and AlmostConsulting

Paxton Quigley Speaks with Cannaclusive and AlmostConsulting

Paxton Quigley Speaks with Cannaclusive and AlmostConsulting today on High Society. As protests gripped the country following the murder of George Floyd and other people of color at the hands of police officers who more often than not never face any consequences for their violent actions, Paxton Quigley had the honor of speaking to a group of women who are insisting on equity, accountability, and inclusivity in the cannabis industry.

Co-founder of Cannaclusive Mary Pryor and her colleague Kassia Graham along with owner and CEO of AlmostConsulting, Kieryn Wang, spoke with Paxton about these important issues.

Paxton Quigley

Cannaclusive, founded in 2017 to “facilitate fair representation of minority cannabis consumers,” recognizes there is an inclusivity problem in the cannabis industry and is intent on resolving it.

Inspired by the glaring lack of people of color in the cannabis industry, Cannaclusive is demanding equity to be part of the country’s patchwork of legalization programs. They also insist that the communities and individuals who were harmed by the drug war must be included in all areas of the burgeoning industry. According to the ACLU, 88% of cannabis arrests are for simple possession and that, Blacks are up to 10 times more likely to be arrested for cannabis than whites, despite similar usage.

As part of their partnership, AlmostConsulting and Cannaclusive recently launched The Accountability List, a database of cannabis companies’ public and private information. Entries for each of the 262 companies (and there will be more) include the number of black employees, whether the business is POC-owned, how they addressed the killing of George Floyd, and if they’ve made any relevant donations.

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