Paxton Quigley Spotlight today on High Society

Paxton Quigley Spotlight today on High Society with guest host Jorge Hermida only on Cannabis Radio. Prior to authoring books, Paxton worked as a Director in Community Relations for Playboy Enterprises, Inc., Los Angeles, for five years, and reported to Hugh M. Hefner and Christie Hefner. She was at Playboy in its heyday, the cable network had just started up, the magazine at the time had over 5 million readers. So we talk about how Paxton embraced this icon of the counterculture and an iconic figure in Hugh Hefner. Paxton worked with actor, Robert Wagner, as the promotional director for two years for the Jimmy Steward National Relay Marathon in San Monica, California, and was also the editor-in-chief of The Valley Magazine in Sherman Oaks, CA., You chair your family foundation, “Pathways to Success From School to Work”, at the University of Chicago. She’s on the Board of Trustees of the Institute for Career Development, NYC. So we talk about the charitable efforts and how the doors to these opportunities were opened to her.

Paxton had always had a passion for self-defense, she penned the best-selling book series, “Armed & Female.” She was also briefly a bodyguard to well-known public figures & also taught 7,000 women how to shoot a handgun for self-defense thanks to her own training at the top U.S. schools including Executive Security International, Lethal Force Institute & Gunsite Academy. Plus, she was a spokesperson for Smith and Wesson. You even designed a handbag with a holster. For your book, Armed, and Female: Taking Control, you talked to dozens of survivors of violence and sexual assault. That collectively said “they could have stopped the attack with a gun,” Talk to me about the change in direction this made in your life.