Pot Shop Changing Hearts & Minds While Getting High

Pot Shop Changing Hearts & Minds While Getting High Rebelle Dispensary: A conversation with Rebelle Dispensary’s Charlotte Hanna and Marcus Williams today on High Society with Paxton Quigley.

When Rebelle Dispensary stepped into the dynamic Massachusetts legal weed market in the fall of 2020, it took off at a clip, much like the rest of the state’s pot shops. After all, Massachusetts was the first state on the East Coast to legalize recreational cannabis.


As the retail brand of vertically integrated recreational marijuana company Community Growth Partners (CGP), Rebelle was founded by Charlotte Hanna, whose goal was to establish a female and minority-owned company to empower those communities that have been negatively affected by the failed War on Drugs. 

“I’ve never understood why cannabis, a plant with so many beneficial properties, was criminalized in the first place,” said Hanna who worked for years in real estate, finance and philanthropy, and Goldman Sachs. “Our goal is to establish a social equity program to remedy some of the damage done by criminalization.”

Pot Shop

L to R Marcus Williams, VP; Mike Ronnie, Cultivator; Charlotte Hanna, Founder, and CEO

Enter Hanna’s partner and vice president of Rebelle: Marcus Williams. 

Born and bred in Boston, Williams has a background in information technology which he used to study cannabis flower genetics and selective breeding for nearly 15 years. With a technologist background, a commitment to social equity causes, and his own life experience in the Boston cannabis scene, Williams joined Hanna and a cannabis dream team was born, much to the delight of Great Barrington’s community and a lot of New Yorkers as well.

Rebelle’s 3,000-square foot dispensary with an impressive half-acre of outdoor space is located in the scenic Berkshires, several miles from the state line of New York, where legal cannabis is still struggling to gain approval.

To learn more about Rebelle and even order online, check out their vast menu.

Listen here to Paxton’s interview with Rebelle’s founder and VP. 

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