The Burgeoning Hemp Industry and Where It’s Headed

The burgeoning hemp industry and where it’s headed was the topic of in this interview with Robert Hoban, Esq. president and founder of the Hoban Law Group, one of the largest cannabis and hemp industry law firms in the United States.


Hoban talks about the versatility of hemp as a manufacturing product as well as how beneficial its use can be for the environment. He pointed to such benefits as less reliance on fossil fuels and more efficient use of energy; less build-up of carbon in the atmosphere; forest conservation and a deep reduction in agricultural pesticide use. Hemp can also be used to replace cotton, which is a crop that requires enormous amounts of water. 

The Burgeoning Hemp Industry

Hoban, who has earned a reputation as a cannabis industry dealmaker representing start-ups, entrepreneurs, and companies in all stages of development, has called 2021 an important year for the burgeoning U.S. hemp industry. 


From states bargaining for approval under the new rules to new leadership of the US Department of Agriculture to the DEA’s continued involvement in hemp law enforcement,” Hoban said. “Only time will tell the effectiveness of this official regulatory scheme for the production of industrial hemp by American farmers.” 


Hoban also discussed how hemp is faring in Europe, especially France, Italy, and the Netherlands, where dynamic programs are underway.


To hear more of our interview with Robert Hoban of the Hoban Law Group, listen here to this fascinating interview.


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