The Doctor Is In: Cannabis Effective for Treating Arthritis Pain

The Doctor Is In: Cannabis Effective for Treating Arthritis Pain. Dr. Caplan is a physician and medical marijuana specialist who has helped thousands of patients treat their arthritis. Dr. Caplan has called cannabis a far more effective and powerful anti-inflammatory agent as compared to traditional drugs…without the detrimental side effects. The Arthritis Foundation agrees. A 2019 national survey done by the foundation showed that nearly 80% of arthritis sufferers had already gotten the CBD/cannabis message and are now seeking guidance rather than permission! Physicians like Dr. Caplan are doing just that: helping people figure out which cannabis types and doses work best for their arthritis as well as other conditions. 

The Doctor Is In

Caplan is the founder and chief medical officer of the CED Foundation and Clinic in Massachusetts, which provides a full spectrum of family medicine options and expertise in medical cannabis for a variety of illnesses. With arthritis being the leading cause of disability among some 54 million American adults, information on treating the often crippling pain and inflammation with a healthy option like cannabis are more than welcome. So, we appreciate our doctors, researchers, and medical professionals who are looking at CBD and cannabis as a proven viable option for arthritis inflammation, pain, and more. 

Listen here to Dr. Caplan’s interview for guidance…not permission!! 

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