The Moon is Hollow and Aliens Rule the Sky

The moon is hollow and aliens rule the sky, says bestselling author and UFO investigator Rob Shelsky, referring to one of his recent books that contain his hollow moon research findings.

“I laughed off the idea at first then I started researching and found that the moon is actually very light. If it was any lighter, it would float away,” Shelsky said. “It is missing mass. When it is struck, it rings for hours, like a hollow bell.”

According to evidence he gathered for his book, For The Moon Is Hollow And Aliens Rule the Sky, Shelsky noted that the moon’s hollow spaces contain alien structures. He posed the question of whether aliens in fact reside within the Moon’s hollow spaces. 

The Moon

In this fascinating interview with Paxton Quigley, Shelsky contends that evidence supporting the idea of our Moon being hollow comes from a wide variety of scientific disciplines and sources. 

He also notes that there is recorded historical evidence that our Moon has not always been in our skies.

Referring to a question about governmental organizations such as NASA that generally covers up UFO sightings and has censored employees who have produced evidence of their existence, Shelsky scoffed. 

The Moon

One such incident involved former NASA contractor, Donna Hare, who claimed there were three flying saucers on the moon during one of NASA’s lunar landings, but that the whole episode was covered up. Hare and other NASA officials who wanted to speak out about the existence of UFOs were forced to sign gag orders or lose their pensions.

“Our media still seems to have a strong predilection for ridiculing the whole UFO phenomenon and everything related to it,” Shelsky lamented. 

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