UFO Expert Avi Loeb Discusses The Long-Awaited Pentagon Report

UFO expert Avi Loeb discusses the long-awaited Pentagon report and what the U.S. government knows about UFOs and what it didn’t manage to learn and why.


The nine-page unclassified document detailed 144 of what the government calls “unidentified aerial phenomenon,” or UAPs, seen by Navy pilots and others between 2004 and 2021.



“UAP could be human-made (in which case, they would imply a national intelligence shortcoming), natural atmospheric phenomena or extraterrestrial in origin,” said Dr. Avi Loeb, chair of Harvard University’s Astronomy Department and author of “Extraterrestrial: The First Sign of Intelligent Life Beyond Earth


“All the various possibilities imply something new and interesting that we did not know about before,” Loeb added. 


The Pentagon report, released on June 25, stated, among other things, that some UFA are potentially real objects although their nature is unknown.


Loeb, a three-time guest on High Society with Paxton Quigley, has said in the past that in order to come up with more definitive explanations about what is going on around us in outer space, more data and scientific research is essential. Loeb noted that the Pentagon report avoided any scientific discussion that the unexplained phenomena could indeed be extraterrestrial in origin as this type of analysis is not within the scope of the government’s task force that undertook the Pentagon report. 


Loeb believes that the study of UAP should now shift from national security administrators and politicians to the arena of science. He noted that government or military personnel are not trained as scientists and do not have access to the best scientific instrumentation for collecting the necessary data.


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