Women’s Successful Inclusion in the Cannabis Industry

Women’s successful inclusion in the cannabis industry has been the goal of ArcView’s Chief Investment Officer, Jeanne Sullivan, since she left the world of corporate tech investment in 2014 and entered the cannabis industry, bringing her much-needed skills along with her. “Throughout my career, I have been interested in supporting women entrepreneurs who receive less than 3% of venture capital funding and very little access to resources to help grow their businesses, especially women of color,” Sullivan said.


Enter Women’s Investor Network 

“Our goal is to do better than the tech industry has done,” said Sullivan, who co-founded the Women’s Investor Network (WIN), which is part of the Arcview Group. WIN’s members seek to mutually empower, train and support women working in all areas of the cannabis, hemp, and CBD industry.  We’re bringing more women investors, companies, and products to the forefront of the industry,” Sullivan said. “By focusing on diversity, inclusion, and developing an equitable cannabis industry, we’re opening a door for women and encouraging them to walk through it.” Currently, WIN has more than 120 members. “Many of the women who joined WIN have no formal training and yet they’ve managed to set up and run successful companies,” Sullivan said. “And that inspires me. We share and teach each other.”

Women’s Successful

New York…You’re Next!

Sullivan shared her optimistic views on the legalization of adult-use cannabis in her home state of New York, the country’s potentially largest weed market after California. “Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY), the author of the Marijuana Freedom and Opportunities Act, knows that the country’s ongoing racial injustice is provoked, in part, by the stigma of cannabis,” Sullivan noted. “Racially targeted marijuana possession arrests also prevent people of color from coming into the cannabis industry. We need expungement and real justice reform now.” 

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