Answers Pet Food with Billy Hoekman

Answers Pet Food is a nutrient-dense line of fermented raw wholefoods specifically formulated by a nutritional scientist to find the most species-appropriate diet for pets of all ages. They use whole cuts of organic and pasture-raised meat, organs and bone, and offer superfoods to give your pets optimal nourishment. They are veterinarian used and recommended.

Answers Pet Food

Billy Hoekman is the Nutrition Science Director for Answers Pet Food. He is involved in the formulation, research, product development, working with farms, science education, and performs all of their nutrition consultations. He attends yearly AAFCO meetings and routinely speaks around the country on a wide variety of topics ranging from nutritional concepts to environmental concerns. He also serves on the board of directors for the Royal Animal Health University and is frequently published in Dogs Naturally Magazine. He is a proud member of the Weston A Price Foundation and lives in Los Angeles with his wife Emily and their dog Lua.