How CBD Dog Health Saved Olivia with Jennifer Pak

How CBD Dog Health saved Olivia with Jennifer Pak. Jennifer is the owner of Olivia, a 13-year-old Maltipoo who was found to have tumors after Jennifer adopted her. When Jennifer found warts on Olivia she became using topical creams then slowly realized this method wouldn’t help her. That’s when Jennifer found CBD Dog Health.

How CBD Dog Health Saved Olivia

Olivia was adopted in October 2014 at 8-years-old with various moles on her body. From 2014 through 2017, Olivia’s moles became scaly, hard growths. By February 2017, Olivia was covered with wart-like tumors, the largest located on her left lower back just above her hind leg. Additionally, in December 2017, Olivia was diagnosed with Cushing’s Disease.

Olivia was taking several prescriptions including anti-inflammatory medications. Olivia was weaned off the prescription medications prior to starting her CBD Dog Health regimen.

Olivia’s tumors were cleaned daily with hydrogen peroxide and water and REMEDY Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Salve was applied topically to each growth twice per day. Olivia also received 1 mL of HEAL Full Spectrum Hemp Extract orally once-per-day in the morning. Within two weeks, Olivia’s tumors were significantly smaller and several had fallen off. The largest tumor had reduced in size by half. Olivia continues to take HEAL orally and REMEDY topically daily and her owner reports that the largest tumor has continued to shrink. Enjoy this amazing story about how CBD Dog Health saved Olivia on this episode of It’s A Dog’s Life.