Shit Happens: Diarrhea Treatments Check

Shit Happens: Diarrhea Treatments Check with Carter and Angela

Shit Happens… Now that we have your attention, let’s talk about poop. As a pet parent, diarrhea is basically an inevitability. In clinical studies, mild diarrhea was the most commonly reported side effect in dogs treated with hemp extract. There are many causes for loose stool, some serious and some just a temporary inconvenience. So what’s the story with CBD? Let’s take a closer look! First of all, let’s be clear that CBD and Hemp’s extract is extremely safe for dogs and cats. Many studies have been done to test for adverse reactions to and all of them confirm the efficacy and safety of the plant. In most cases, GI upset happens as a result of what our pets are eating. This can happen when your pup or kitten picks up something funky from the trash or makes a salad out of the front lawn.

Shit Happens

It can also happen when we introduce a new healthy food or supplement into their diet. Even if it’s safe, their gut may not process it well at first, so the response is to get it out as fast as possible. Today we dive into some tips and tricks to help you avoid a mess. As always we recommend a varied, fresh, and raw diet for the greatest resilience in the gut and overall health in our pets. One of the main benefits of changing up the protein and other parts of your pet’s diet is the gut learns to process new things more readily and is able to cope with change better. The more diverse their diet is, the more likely it is they will be unaffected by adding CBD oil into their regimen. If you’re interested in switching your pet’s diet it’s important to do your research first and make the transition gradually. An abrupt change could turn a stream into a river if you know what I mean. A mudslide. An inescapable explosion of hot… Anyway… check out all the details right here on our website!