The Original CrockPET Diet with Dr. Ruth Roberts

The Original CrockPET Diet with Dr. Ruth Roberts, Veterinarian, Pet health transformer. Her life’s work as an integrative veterinarian and holistic health coach for pets has been one wrought with tales of triumph, tragedy, and tail wagging. But, like most good veterinarians, it began with my deep love for my childhood pets. It almost seemed as though a life spent helping animals was my destined path. While in veterinary school, it became apparent to her that her role as a veterinarian went well beyond checkups and surgeries. Dr. Ruth realized that she was not only a doctor to these pets but their friend and advocate. Our pets cannot speak up for themselves, they can’t tell you what hurts, or what they think is best. And many times, the owner can’t either. Her job has always been to communicate what others have failed and to provide healing with compassion. But her textbook knowledge and many years spent practicing traditional Western veterinary medicine only took me so far until she was hurled into a whirlwind of sickness, learning, healing, and ultimate change.

The Original

Several years ago, Dr. Ruth’s own health began to take her for a wild ride. At the same time, her dog Arnold (who was 17 at the time!) was struggling with the discomfort and decline of old age. Western medicine only helped so much, for both of them, and she soon had to let her old friend go. Almost immediately, she decided that she’d had enough of feeling helpless and began pursuing acupuncture and Eastern Veterinary Medicine at the Chi Institute in Florida. This opened up many new avenues for me but most importantly revealed the healing powers of acupuncture, as well as herbal and food therapy. We dive into her story more as well as what she finds beneficial about her practices with The Original CrockPET Diet all today on It’s A Dogs Life!