Traditional And Holistic Veterinary Care with Dr. Andrea Carlson

Traditional and holistic veterinary care with Dr. Andrea Carlson. Dr. Carson believes in integrative medicine which combines traditional veterinary medicine with holistic veterinary care that allows her to focus on the whole patient and preventing illness. Nutritional counseling and natural allergy treatments are the primary ways she incorporates holistic medicine into our traditional veterinary practice. She is certified thru the CHI institute in Chinese veterinary food therapy, as a veterinary food therapist she uses the energetic properties of food to provide dietary therapy to patients. Her recommendations include store-bought pet foods and home-cooked recipes depending on what works best for you and your family. Additionally, Dr. Carlson is certified in Chinese herbal medicine, which can be used to treat chronic medical conditions and is often used to relieve pain, improve and restore proper organ function, and strengthen the immune system.


Additionally, Dr. Carlson has become certified in Veterinary Acupuncture and she is going to school to become certified in Veterinary Medical Manipulation (chiropractic treatment for animals), she is expecting to be certified in Spring 2020. One day, Dr. Carlson hopes to build a training and rehabilitation center on the property behind Southlake Animal Hospital. The facility would include underwater treadmills, allowing pets to recover from surgical procedures with targeted and efficient physical therapy. Currently, Dr. Carlson and her husband live in Valparaiso with her four Bernese Mountain Dogs- Ayla, Rio, River, and Pepina; as well as, three cats, Honey Badger, Heathcliff, and Toops. All of their cats were rescued. Dr. Carlson has had multiple cockatiels, guinea pigs, rabbits, lizards, fish, and even a rooster!

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