Veterinary Acupuncturist Dr. Erika Halle

Veterinary Acupuncturist Dr. Erika Halle joins Angela today on It’s A Dogs Life! After a youth spent being driven to achieve a veterinary degree, Dr. Erika found herself floundering in her first year of veterinary school. She had worked so hard to get there, and once there she discovered that she was utterly bored with the conventional solutions to pet health issues that she had come to be familiar with. For a few months, Erika considered dropping out and changing careers altogether until a classmate reintroduced her to her curiosity about complementary and alternative treatments. Suddenly a holistic veterinarian was born! Dr. Erika believes that conventional medicine has its place and is extremely important but, for many conditions, offers limited options. Because of this, her career has been dedicated to holistic medicine since before its official start.

Dr. Erika graduated from Oregon State University in 2010 with her veterinary degree. Shortly afterward (2 months later) she completed the final session of the Chi Institute’s mixed animal acupuncture certification course where she learned the basics of acupuncture and traditional Chinese veterinary medicine (TCVM) for cats, dogs, horses, and other animals. Afterward, she continued her training by moving to Canada to work with the founder of the first established holistic veterinary clinic in British Columbia. Dr. Marlene was one of the groups of veterinarians who were the first generation of North American veterinarians trained in acupuncture, and she passed the wisdom of her many years of TCVM experience on to Dr. Erika.