Wag Out Loud with Krista Karpowich

Wag Out Loud with Top Dog Krista Karpowich. Krista has had dogs her entire life. They were of different breeds, shapes, sizes, and colors; but each and everyone stole her heart. She always wanted to give her dogs the best lives possible. And that’s why she’s so passionate about exploring the latest research and findings in canine health care, nutrition, and overall well-being. In early 2018, because she wanted to learn more about dog food and nutrition, Krista completed an in-depth course in Canine Nutrition with the Companion Animal Sciences Institute. But there is so much more to learn and she is passionate about sharing all of her findings with her listeners. Through the weekly Wag Out Loud pawdcast, her goal is to share valuable information with other dog lovers via short and succinct episodes that cover canine health and nutrition, as well as recommendations about products and services that Krista has used and have found to enhance the lives of dogs. And She’s created a great Wag Out Loud Unleashed community as well and would love to have you be a part of the conversation.

Wag Out Loud

Its A Dog’s Life With Angela Ardolino

Join Angela Ardolino, pet and cannabis expert as she discusses with guests the best ways to care for your pet holistically. Learn about the safe use of essential oils, including CBD, for pets of all kinds and get insights from top professionals in the pet industry.