Cannabis and HIV Survival

Ryan Hunt speaks with Wayne Justmann, Director of the San Francisco Patients Resource Center and HIV survivor, about his journey with HIV and how cannabis has assisted him through his treatment phase. Cannabis and HIV is a topic Justmann talks about frequently and often. He was the first recipient of a medical marijuana card in California.

Cannabis and HIV

“People with HIV have long realized that cannabis can ease many HIV-related conditions, including nausea, loss of appetite, depression, weight loss, and neuropathic pain. In addition to treating common symptoms of HIV and side effects of antiretroviral drugs, research indicates that cannabis may help fight HIV itself.

An increasing number of scientific studies, conducted at well-known institutions and published in prominent medical journals, are revealing antiviral effects of cannabis against HIV. These studies detail diverse approaches in measuring favorable effects that cannabis may have in slowing HIV disease progression,” HIV Plus Mag reports.