Living With Tourettes and Cannabis

Ryan Hunt chats with Dr. Yolanda Loafer, Phoenix-based Functional Medicine & Neurological Clinician, about Tourettes and the effects it has on the body and human behavior.  Later Ryan talks to a Tourettes patient, about his life with Tourettes and how cannabis has helped him throughout the years. Tourettes and cannabis as a treatment has started gaining recognition and research.

Just Say Know explores the use of marijuana medically on numerous medical conditions. “A 2003 review of the data published in the journal Expert Opinions in Pharmacotherapy, reported that in adult TS patients, “Therapy with delta-9-THC should be tried … if well established drugs either fail to improve tics or cause significant adverse effects.”  A 2013 review similarly concludes: “[B]y many experts THC is recommended for the treatment of TS in adult patients, when first line treatments failed to improve the tics. In treatment resistant adult patients, therefore, treatment with THC should be taken into consideration,” NORML reports.