How to Access Psychedelic States Through Sexual Pleasure

How to Access

How to Access Psychedelic States Through Sexual Pleasure with Dr. Jenny Martin today on Let’s Talk Plant Medicine with Dr. O only on Cannabis Radio. Dr. Jenny Martin is a Psychologist and Sexuality Educator, and a pioneer in consciousness studies. She has been guiding people to explore the potential of accessing psychedelic states naturally (totally sober) through sexual pleasure for over a decade.  Her online personalized programs are designed based on evidence-based practices. Students learn to access transcendent states of consciousness at will. Dr. Jenny’s work draws on sacred wisdom from ancient traditions and grounds these teachings with scientific research. She focuses on providing support and guidance to people with cervixes, helping them learn about the transformative potential that lives within their minds and bodies.

She tells her story: “At one time, I suffered from depression. I have been free from depression for over 20 years now. It didn’t happen through talk therapy. It didn’t happen through plant medicines, prescription drugs, or prayer. What transformed my life was an embodied spiritual practice – sacred sex. No, it wasn’t Tantra. I discovered hidden wisdom in the Christian tradition that set me free from cultural conditioning about sex.  An understanding that so changed my life and gave me access to profound states of joy and bliss. I learned that we are designed for mystical experiences through sexual pleasure.  Once I got that understanding and started to experience it for myself,  depression no longer plagued me. I stepped into a new experience of being at peace and feeling joy and contentment consistently for the first time in my life.

Then I got curious. I needed to understand the science that made my transformation possible.  My question was – What was happening in my brain and body during sexual pleasure that contributed to permanently shifting my mental health? Not to discount God, but I thought there must be some divine blueprint hardwired into us that makes this possible. I returned to school. I completed a doctorate in Psychology.  I poured through research on female sexuality, consciousness, neuroscience, neuroplasticity, mind-body medicine, and brain/heart coherence.  I interviewed scientists and dialogued with researchers. My goal – is to demystify the mystical potential of female sexual pleasure.

Now I bring my experience and research to help you access your innate divinity through sexual pleasure.  Within everyone one of us – at the very core of you – is a joy that will never run out.  A peace that cannot be squashed. It’s not from you. It’s from Spirit. We have been given this as a gift. But it is buried inside of us. The key to unlocking it is sexual pleasure.”