Done Cannabis –What’s Next?

Today on Mission Supercritical Andy is joined by Mark Webb “Aroma Science Guy” from Aromamedix Pty ltd.

Mark has 20 plus years of experience working with plant extracts (steam distilled, solvent extracted and CO2 extracts) from a variety of aromatic & non-aromatic sources outside of the Cannabis market.

He is an aromatic educator, terpene & formulations chemist who consults across a wide variety of industries:

–          crop selection

–          extraction methods

–          food and beverages formulation

–          pharmaceutical and nutraceutical formulation

–          cosmetics and personal care product formulation

–          aromatic and endocannabinoid product development

With this uniquely diverse industry background Mark will be sharing some insights into diversification your business into alternative feedstocks or crops to consider extracting when cannabis & hemp are not available to maximising equipment usage and profitability of your extractor.