Exploring Extracted Cannabis Oils To Produce The Purest Oil for Medicine

Exploring Extracted Cannabis Oils To Produce The Most Pure Oil for Medicine as Andy Joseph speaks with Tom Roland,  a proven entrepreneur experienced in building profitable companies.

Extracted Cannabis Oils

He has a passion for entrepreneurship, developing innovative approaches to industry challenges and building vibrant company cultures. He accelerates development and deployment of solutions while maintaining profitable growth. Tom also serves as an advisor to several start-up ventures and continues to empower teams through his provocative leadership.

Tom Roland’s interest in the cannabis space started approximately four years ago when his mother was diagnosed with lymphoma. He researched the benefits of cannabis and subsequently began making her edibles to offset the side effects of the treatment, and help her eat to keep her strength up. He found that there was a residual taste of the flower left in the edibles, which led him to explore extracted oils. He wanted to produce the purest oil he could so that the medicine wouldn’t be compromised, which is what led him to buy an Apeks system. After his mother passed away, he sold his radiology company, moved to California and started a legal business called Indulge Oils. His experience with his mother led him to establish a 50% discount on all products at Indulge Oils, to anyone undergoing cancer treatments.