Hardware And Grow Space Design In The Cannabis Industry

Today on Mission Supercritical our hosts are joined by Joel Pepin a Cannabis Entrepreneur & Enthusiast from Maine. In 2010, Joel brought a successful hydroponics more retail to Maine, eventually turning it into one of the highest grossing retail stores in the state. Meanwhile, Joel has excelled as a registered caregiver, a dispensary consultant, and as a business owner. With his advanced knowledge in hardware and grow space design, Joel is an incredible asset to this company and our clients.


Joel co-founded SJR Labs in 2014 which was the state’s first Co2 extraction processing company serving licensed Maine cultivators at that time. In 2011 Joel co-founded JAR Consulting – a cannabis consulting company, which has several operating contracts in Maine and also Massachusetts. In 2016 Joel was named co-director of cultivation for a non-profit registered marijuana dispensary in Massachusetts named Middlesex Integrative Medicine set to open in 2018. Joel also has a BS in Business Finance from the University of Maine in Orono.