Smart Machines For The Marketplace In The Infancy Of Their Business

Today on Mission Supercritical our host Andy Joeseph joined by Jim Haferkorn. Jim is an account manager for Rockwell Automation. He’s been with them for over 17 years and is a former Marine. Rockwell Automation is the world’s largest company dedicated to industrial automation and information. Apeks Supercritical and Rockwell Automation teamed up early in the design stages of producing machines for the Botanical Extraction industry.


Since the beginning, Apeks was a part of the Rockwell Automation OEM program, which allowed Apeks to take advantage of a closer relationship with the Product Groups within Rockwell Automation. Apeks strategically used the right products to take advantage of their process expertise, and the right toolkits to produce Smart Machines for the marketplace in the infancy of their business. Robust solutions and hardware were designed in at the beginning and fine-tuned as the Apeks solutions evolved with the marketplace.