The Therapeutic And Socio-Economic Benefits To Legalization

Today on Mission Supercritical we are joined by Tracy LaBarge and John Nemeth from THC Alaska, Top Hat Concentrates, Top Hat Cannabis and Top Hat Collective. Top Hat understands the therapeutic and socio-economic benefits to legalization. Tracy joined the group to help advocate as a successful small business owner. She has helped secure Top Hat as a legitimate and beloved local business.


Tracy handles investor relations for Top Hat and is involved in strategic growth planning. John Nemeth, serves as the President of Top Hat. He has a background in large project management, real estate, and construction. John also has a passion for the cannabis industry and a vision to see it become the next great American Industry. Top Hat was founded in 2016 by Benjamin and Lacy Wilcox, Tracy LaBarge, and John Nemeth in Juneau, Alaska. Structured as a vertical integrated company which incudes, Top Hat Cannabis, Top Hat Concentrates and Top Hat Collective Retail.