A Startup Accelerator For Pot-Infused Products

Bethany Moore speaks to cannabis entrepreneur Patrick O’Malley from Good Life. Patrick looked at the market and saw a shortage of one thing: a startup accelerator for pot-infused products. And so he started Good Life Colorado, an incubator of sorts for budding marijuana brands. The venture is more of a hybrid between an accelerator and a co-packer, a common practice among Boulder County’s nascent natural food companies.


Businesses get the benefit of O’Malley’s industry contacts and expertise, in addition to manufacturing space in his licensed MIP facility in north Denver. Emerging brands often lack the capital to pursue the licensing process, and the months it takes divert resources away from growing the business according to O’Malley. They speak about what an incubator means and what kind of candidates come seeking what it is that the incubation process would provide. Plus, how he determines if someone is a good fit and if can he provide something to help launch their company.