Advocate Aimed at Changing The Perception of The Cannabis Industry

Today on NCIA we speak to Kayvan Khalatbari about his decision to run for public office again. Kayvan is an Iranian-American entrepreneur, advocate, and 2019 mayoral candidate in Denver, Colorado. He is co-founder and partner of several successful businesses including a Denver-based pizza chain, a free arts magazine, a cannabis consulting company, and the longest continually operated cannabis company in Denver prior to the sale of its licenses to country music legend Willie Nelson and Terrapin Care Station. He also co-founder and partner in Sexpot Comedy, a burgeoning comedy collective, and is active as a volunteer and advocate in several political and nonprofit ventures aimed at changing the perception of the cannabis industry, advocating for under-served communities, and establishing creative and educational opportunities for children.


Khalatbari’s entrepreneurial, philanthropic, and advocacy efforts have begun to attract positive recognition. He was a finalist for Colorado Biz Magazine’s entrepreneur of the year 2016 and Colorado Business Committee for the Art’s EY Next Wave Leadership Award. Kayvan is running for mayor. On Tuesday, February 14, the Denver business owner and cannabis advocate filed paperwork with the Denver Elections Division, formalizing his candidacy for the 2019 mayoral race; Sue Chavez of the Denver Elections Division confirmed that Khalatbari had stopped by on Valentine’s Day to turn in a formal application for candidacy.