Byers Scientific With Marc Byers And William Vizuete

Byers Scientific with Marc Byers, Founder and President, and William Vizuete, Chief Scientific Officer, today on NCIA’s Cannabis Industry Voice only on Cannabis Radio. Odor emissions, which is purely a regulatory issue that doesn’t seem to impact the product itself, so we talk about why emissions and odor at cultivation sites are an environmental and social issue. Our Guests explain more about the impact on air quality and/or community odor issues and why they matter for regulations/policy development. When working with cultivation sites to help improve their odor issues, we walk through the Byers’ approach as to how they assess emissions profiles from cultivation & processing sites. As well as how that translates into the result of more optimized, sustainable, and effective operations.

Byers Scientific
Marc Byers is the founder and President of Byers Scientific where he oversees business operations for all divisions, leads the product research and development team, and is actively involved in customer/client relationship development. Marc is the inventor of the firm’s patented vapor-phase technology as well as the designer of the firm’s advanced molecular scrubbing technology which is revolutionizing the Cannabis odor control industry. Dr. William Vizuete, Ph.D., is Chief Scientific Officer, and co-leads the Byers Emissions Analysis division, and is a key member of the Byers Mitigation Technologies division product research and development team. For the past six years, Dr. Vizuete has led a team of cannabis industry experts focused on site-specific research to increase overall knowledge of cannabis industry emissions, educate local communities, and improve the tools and methods that cultivators and policymakers use to evaluate the environmental impacts of cannabis cultivation and processing.