Cannabis Mom, Podcasting Boss, and Bravo TV Fan, Jenny Blaze

Cannabis Mom

Cannabis Mom, Podcasting Boss, and Bravo TV Fan, Jenny Blaze today on NCIA’s Cannabis Industry Voice only on The Cannabis Radio. Jenny Blaze is a Digital Entrepreneur, Content Creator, Cannabis Advocate, and host of GoodPods #8 in the Top 100 Indie TV Reviews Chart, the Bravo & Blaze with Jenny Blaze podcast.

She is focused on bridging the gap between mainstream pop culture media and the Cannabis industry to modernize the perception of cannabis consumption and empower others to safely & confidently come out of the “Green Closet” through the launch of her new podcast, Cannabis Mom Boss.

Something we don’t get to talk a lot about here is much more personal. Jenny is a cannabis mom, so we discuss what that means to her and what has that experience been like for her. With Jenny’s podcast, focusing on these issues, she’s selecting guest speakers who can address some of these issues. We dive into some examples of guests she has had on the podcast or plans to have on the podcast that would address these pain points and dive deeper into them.

Speaking of the legal complications and risks that can go along with being a parent using cannabis, we talk about the social impact. Outside of her own family, we talk about what it must be like in the drop-off and pick-up line at school, as well as if other parents know and how that plays out.