CBD Products and Food Safety Regulations

CBD Products and Food Safety Regulations with Tim Lombardo of EAS Consulting today on NCIA’s Cannabis Industry with Bethany Moore only on Cannabis Radio. Tim Lombardo is Senior Director for Food Consulting Services. Tim is a widely regarded expert in food safety and microbiology with over 25 years of direct experience leading these programs at a variety of manufacturing facilities. Tim’s direct experience includes dairy, infant formula, baked goods, nuts and nut products, fruits and vegetables, meat and poultry, spices, color flavors, and other ingredients, and many others. He is a Lead Instructor through the Food Safety and Preventive Controls Alliance (FSPCA) in Preventive Controls for both Human and Animal Foods, is certified in Thermal / Aseptic Processing and Sterilization through the Better Process Control School, and is a Lead Instructor for the HACCP Controls Alliance.

CBD Products

We jump right into the regulations at the state level versus what we’re seeing coming from the FDA. We all talk about preparing for the federal legalization of cannabis, but the hemp-derived CBD market is already getting the attention of the FDA. So with that, we talk about what Tim is seeing there. We were also at a cannabis industry event recently and there were samples of dog treats infused with CBD, and this is popular for pet owners. Especially thinking about the 4th of July recently with animals who are frightened of the loud fireworks, this is definitely another food sector that’s pretty significant.

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