Changing Cannabis Laws with Michael Williamson

Changing cannabis laws with Michael Williamson, Pipp Horticulture, today on NCIA’s Cannabis Industry Voice only on Cannabis Radio. Michael currently serves as Director of Cultivation for Pipp Horticulture and Chief Operating Officer for Catalyst BC is a legacy licensed cannabis operator and pioneer in vertical farming. Michael relocated to Denver, Colorado in 2009 and co-founded and operated Kind Love; an award-winning and vertically integrated medical cannabis company. Then in 2013, co-founded Greenhaus Industries which was then acquired by Pipp Horticulture in 2018.


Michael has been in the cannabis game for quite a while compared to many others. 2009 was like a million years ago, back when Colorado and California were many different landscapes, medical-focused, caregiver laws, and then it evolved into vertically integrated adult-use companies, and so on. So we dive into what he’s seen on how the structure of these laws and how they’re changing over the years. Requirements over the years have evolved, and technology and methods have evolved and become more sophisticated. So we’ve gone from busting out of our greenhouses to multiple tiers of plants growing in larger buildings. We talk about that and how it’s impacting the landscape of our industry and much more. So sit back and enjoy Changing cannabis laws with Michael Williamson today on NCIA’s Cannabis Industry Voice only on Cannabis Radio.