Comparing The Legal Cannabis Market In The United States To Other Countries

Today on NCIA’s Cannabis Industry Voice we are joined by Zac Venegas, Chairman, and CEO of Helix TCS, the parent company of BioTrack THC, Cannabase wholesale market, and Helix digital and physical security services. BioTrackTHC’s technology enables businesses to track every plant and every fraction-of-a-gram of cannabis throughout the production lifecycle cultivation, harvest and cure, quality assurance testing, transportation, destruction, and sale bringing transparency, accountability, and meaningful insights to cannabis operations.


We talk about his experience working in other countries around the world that maybe aren’t as developed or sophisticated and how that compares to working with the legal cannabis market in the United States. As well as Canada recently legalize cannabis for adults, and now Mexico seeming to be prepared to legalize as well and does this put the United States in a position where we are now falling behind in what will be a global market.