Compliance In Cannabis With Frank Nisenboum

Compliance In Cannabis With Frank Nisenboum, Vice President of ERP Sales. Frank is a trusted advisor at c2b technologies who has guided organizations of all sizes enabling them to establish a technology presence and expand their business through technology. His proven ability to analyze the current and future plans of a company and work with team members to subsequently bring technology solutions to the organization result in improved processes and controls that assure continued growth and profitability. Frank has worked in the ERP and CRM software selection, sales, and consulting industry for almost 25 years.


We start by talking about compliance. It’s on our minds in this industry constantly and at this stage, we’ve seen some common mistakes or infractions that are made on the compliance front. Creating some patterns that our industry should take notice of and address, we talk about what are these common compliance infractions we’re seeing in our industry lately. Having touched on compliance here, which is our industry’s mantra, there’s a lot of documentation involved in staying compliant. Everything from the seed to sale reporting like tracking the plants themselves and even the waste material, to financial reporting of sales for METRC, as well as 280E compliance, good grief. So we dive into managing all that and how to keep it all together.