Emerging Markets and Data Compliance with Chad Bronstein

Emerging Markets and Data Compliance with Chad Bronstein of Fyllo today on NCIA’s Cannabis Industry Voice with Bethany Moore only on Cannabis Radio. Chad Bronstein is the founder of Fyllo and brings expertise gained during a career leading the sales and marketing teams of some of the largest businesses in advertising, media, and technology. His experience leading large-scale acquisitions, venture fundraising, strategic partnerships, and corporate exits has resulted in the scaling of several startups into national leaders. Under Chad’s leadership, Fyllo has revolutionized marketing technology for highly regulated industries, allowing the most ambitious cannabis, CBD, and consumer brands to overcome the complexities of compliance at scale.

Emerging Markets

Since founding Fyllo in 2019, Chad has overseen the product development, marketing, capital raising, and M&A deals that have uniquely positioned Fyllo to solve the challenges of these fragmented and inefficient markets. The Fyllo Compliance Cloud is a suite of software and services built to overcome the complexities of highly regulated industries. With Fyllo based in New York with offices all over, we start by chatting about some new states coming online on the east coast, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut recently as well. It’s great seeing these smaller states and Northeastern states moving toward cannabis legalization, so we talk about what Chad is seeing there. It is interesting that each of these states is its own little unique world (laws & regulations), and the demographics of the customers in California are going to be considerably different from the customer demographics of people from New York. As they say, data is king, so we dive into the world of customer demographics and much more. All today on Emerging Markets and Data Compliance with Chad Bronstein of Fyllo.