Equity Scholarship Programs And Webinars

Equity Scholarship Programs and Webinars with Tahir Johnson is a Membership Manager and DEI Coordinator for the National Cannabis Industry Association. He is responsible for driving membership and expanding the organization’s presence on the East Coast. Tahir was born in Trenton, NJ, and has resided in the Washington, D.C. area since attending Howard University, where he majored in Marketing. First, we cover the basics of our Diversity Equity & Inclusion committee, which is one of NCIA’s 13 member-driven committees. Really exciting to see what all of the committees are doing, but Tahir’s working closely with the DEI committee, so we get an update on what’s been going on so far this year and what’s around the corner/in the works.

Equity Scholarship

Next, taking it the next step to NCIA’s brand new Equity Scholarship Program which Tahir is also heading up, and we’re all very excited about this program here at the organization. Tahir talks more about that program, why we’re doing it, and how people can find out more. Also of course NCIA has stepped up our digital game even more during the pandemic and time of social distancing, and that includes educational webinars. One of these upcoming webinars on September 1st is one that Tahir is also leading and coordinating. There are some amazing experts joining him on this one. Tahir tells us more about what he’ll be covering and who will be joining him.