Extraction Equipment History and Regulatory Challenges


Extraction Equipment History and Regulatory Challenges with Jack Naito, Luna Technologies today on NCIA’s Cannabis Industry Voice on The Cannabis Radio. Jack is a former Boeing aerospace engineer turned cannabis entrepreneur who started Portland, Oregon-based Luna Technologies, which manufactures cannabis extraction equipment, with his childhood friend, Kyler Buck, in 2016.

At the time, most of the equipment available was re-purposed from other industries including breweries and pharmaceuticals. These Frankenstein machines were inefficient, potentially dangerous, and difficult to operate. Jack and Kyler saw a better way. We start off by talking about some of its values as a company.

Extraction equipment is complex and expensive, we’re sure there’s some training that individuals need to go through to operate them. So with that safety is an important factor so we dive into that a bit.

Extraction equipment wasn’t originally invented just for cannabis, it came from other industries, and I’m imagining an alchemical laboratory. Our guests take us through a brief history of where extraction machines came from before the cannabis industry.

So of course NCIA represents small businesses and medium businesses primarily, or Main Street Cannabis, and we have been pushing through complex state regulations and preparing for potential Federal Legalization. We discuss some of the regulations They’re currently dealing with that give them the biggest headache. Also some improvements to regulations that you see we need to implement.