Harnessing Terpenes, Sensory Effects + Replacing Opioids

Harnessing Terpenes, Sensory Effects + Replacing Opioids with Eybna, Nadav Eyal today on NCIA’s Cannabis Industry Voice with Bethany Moore only on Cannabis Radio. Nadav Eyal is the CEO and Co-Founder of Eybna, a pioneering cannabis technology company, and terpene manufacturer headquartered in California and R&D Center in both Colorado and Israel. Nadav’s professional background is rooted in the field of data science. Nadav has long been passionate about botanical medicine and how it can offer a more effective medicinal treatment than pharmaceutical products.


In 2014 Nadav founded Eybna with a mission to bring the health benefits of cannabis to broader populations worldwide. The mainstream is starting to wrap their heads around cannabinoids, but terpenes are the next level of the science of cannabis. Eybna explains first of all, what terpenes really are and what they can do for human health. I know lavender has a calming effect on my anxiety, and lemon lifts my mood, and so on and so forth, so as far as harnessing terpenes and their sensory effects, we dive into more about that. Cannabis is really Breaking barriers, replacing opioids/narcotics – Yes, NCIA published a white paper several years ago focused on how cannabis is a viable solution for replacing opioids.