Incunabulum Inc. with Kathee Brewer

Incunabulum Inc. with Kathee Brewer today on NCIA’s Cannabis Industry Voice only on Cannabis Radio. Kathee Brewer is the editorial director for Incunabulum Inc., including award-winning publications including mg Magazine and CBD Today. Kathee is an award-winning journalist, author, and Air Force veteran, and has covered everything from dog shows to airline disasters and political corruption. mg Magazine is the premier trade publication for the legal cannabis industry. Dubbed “weed’s hybrid of Forbes and Inc.,” each month mg analyzes and demystifies the people, plants, processes, and products fueling an economic engine rapidly expanding across the globe. Cannabis has a lot of advertising restrictions, but we’re a strong industry with a lot to say.


So we talk about how people in the industry who are looking for media attention go about doing that in a compliant way. We gotta stay compliant though, have some etiquette, and there’s some DOs and DONTs when it comes to pitching the media. We dive into the certain common mistakes that people might make in trying to do this. It seems like the narrative has changed and evolved over the years. I remember being an activist in 2005 and it was still a struggle just to convince legislators that medical cannabis wasn’t laced with PCP and that medical marijuana patients are just people who are sick and need relief, but now we’re looking at canna-wives and canna-moms and a more mainstream storyline. We discuss what are our guests are seeing there and much more!