Navigating The Process of Cannabis Technology Patents

Navigating The Process of Cannabis Technology Patents with Paul Coble today on NCIA’s Cannabis Industry Voice today on Cannabis Radio. Paul is an intellectual property attorney with Harris Bricken and Chair of NCIA’s Cannabis Manufacturing Committee; Scott Seeley is an intellectual property attorney with Eastgate IP and is an Organizer of the Cannabis Manufacturing Committee. We dive into some high-level topics surrounding patents in the cannabis industry. You can get a patent for just about anything, so you just need to be the first person to invent it and submit the paperwork. Everything in our houses like paper towel rolls had patents, so now in the cannabis industry, we’re wrapping our arms around patents for things like vaporizer technology, and plant genetics. So to start, we ask what are the impacts of a patent, and what does it mean for a company. Next, we define the challenges we’re seeing. This is all over our heads. The problem with bad patents being issued in the cannabis space so we dive into what is a good patent, and a bad patent. We also try to figure out how they are being used in the cannabis space, as well as Why are they important for cannabis operators.


Paul is an intellectual property attorney and software startup founder with a deep background in cannabis science and technology. He studied molecular biology and chemistry as an undergraduate before turning to the study of law. Paul attended Arizona State University’s Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law and graduated cum laude with a concentration in Law, Science, and Technology–the study of how science and law interact and affect each other’s trajectories. Paul practiced for many years at an Am Law 200 firm in Chicago, IL. Paul has helped clients navigate and mitigate risks relating to intellectual property and heavily regulated markets such as alcohol, biotech, personal data, pharmaceuticals, and, of course, cannabis. He has managed international trademark portfolios, crafted complex licensing agreements, and shepherded all types of IP throughout their lifecycles, from conception to commercialization to enforcement. He is a registered patent attorney with experience prosecuting patents, advising investors and companies about patent valuations, and providing invalidity and/or non-infringement opinions of competitive patents. Paul is the curator of the world’s first public database of cannabis patents, His varied technical background also allows him to work closely with product and engineering teams to design around patented technology.