New Dispensary Facility Design Trends In Cannabis


New Dispensary Facility Design Trends In Cannabis with Andy Poticha, Cannabis Facility Construction today on NCIA’s Cannabis Industry Voice only on The Cannabis Radio. Founder and CEO of Cannabis Facility Construction, a division of Mosaic Construction, a national design-build firm based in Northbrook, Illinois. Since 2015, Andy helped CFC become a national industry leader in full-service cannabis facility design-build working with multiple MSOs, independents, and start-up cannabis companies across the country. Currently, CFC has built and is in process of working on over 80 cultivation facilities, processing centers, and dispensary projects in 12 states.

We start off by talking about what’s new and trendy in cannabis facility construction and design. We start with retail dispensaries, which are customer-focused, public-facing, and see a lot of traffic. Both on foot and literally with cars, which poses the question what’s this new design feature you recently helped design for a dispensary in West Virginia?
“Drive-thru cannabis” is an interesting new way to serve customers, reminding us of the first time I saw a “brew thru” in the Outer Banks, NC, and we think it was a new concept back then but now drive-through liquor stores are more common. This is ideal for certain types of customers but not others.

This design features really center around the customer needs, customer expectations, etc like you don’t order a filet mignon at a drive-through. You want to sit down for a full dining experience, to draw a comparison, versus wanting a quick snack and getting in and out. As far as other facilities in the cannabis industry that are NOT so customer-facing like the cultivation facilities and manufacturing facilities. We talk about if there are any new design trends there to talk about or some standards that have developed through trial and error over the years.