Office Space To Virtual Space

Office space to virtual space with Lynn Saladini, of Ath Power Consulting. Lynn is a passionate believer that trust creates strong relationships between people, resulting in an optimal, collaborative environment. Lynn is a driver of an effective strategy for measured growth and client success and has served Ath Power Consulting’s clients since the firm launched in 1997. For more than ten years she has navigated the shift from office space to virtual space, expertise in demand now more than ever before. Ath Power Consulting is a premier provider of research and customer experience solutions, offering survey and mystery shop research, competitive intelligence, compliance auditing, market analyses, employee training, and strategic consulting. For over two decades, we have helped our clients improve customer retention, build brand loyalty and advocacy, deepen employee engagement, measure compliance, maximize performance, and increase profitability – distinguishing them from their competition and giving them a commanding edge in the marketplace. The industry has been around long enough now that we can actually study the industry, study customers, study business processes, and even compliance and policies, and can gain some insights and conclusions from that research. We see more opportunities almost every year as new states pass legislation or ballot initiatives to legalize cannabis for medical or adult-use, thus creating a new industry for that state. Each individual state is its own animal, California looks different from Colorado, which looks different from Florida. We talk insights about some of these state-specific research studies she’s done and much more.

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