Social Use Campaigns and Cannabis Regulations

NCIA’s Bethany Moore  is joined by Emmett Reistroffer, Policy Consultant for Denver Relief Consulting.  Emmett gives advice he has for others who want to launch a social use campaign in their region. He also previews the upcoming 2017 NCIA Cannabis Business Summit panel presentation entitled Evolving Regulations on Social Consumption of Cannabis.



Emmett’s professional roots and passion run deep in cannabis activism, stemming from his first call to action at 19 years old when he volunteered to help multiple sclerosis patients testify at the South Dakota State Capitol. From there, Emmett quickly worked his way up into a position of leadership for the local movement by speaking to the press, raising money, and inspiring volunteers.

Facing some of the nation’s harshest drug laws, Emmett was able to form a non-profit organization, South Dakota Compassion, and partner with the former chairman of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society to organize a coalition of patients and advocates in support of medical marijuana.