The Journey From The Illicit Market to Regulated Industry

The Journey From The Illicit Market to Regulated Industry with Tony Frischknecht today on NCIA’s Cannabis Industry Voice with Bethany Moore only on Cannabis Radio. Tony is the founder of Essential Extraction Corporation, based in Loveland, Colorado, which supplies the necessary tools and knowledge for anyone to be able to extract their own botanical essential oils. In 2005, Tony got his start in the medical marijuana industry in Fort Collins, Colorado. He founded a small, marijuana caregiving business called Highway to Healing. In the following years, he was involved in a number of cannabis businesses, including O.penvape, Organa Brands, and Ideal Harvest. He is also the author of a book called “From Black Market to The Man”, sharing his experience in the cannabis industry,.and has a podcast called, Plant Problems Podcast. Many of us understand that this legal industry wouldn’t exist without the years and years of advocacy on behalf of hundreds of cannabis activists across the country. From California to Washington, D.C. we personally were based in Maryland in the 2000s and were involved in medical patient advocacy with Americans for Safe Access, and wow was it a different time. We dive into some of Tony’s memories on this subject and much much more.

The Journey

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