The People’s Ecosystem: In Studio At #MWCannaBizCon

The People’s Dispensary was created to serve the most vulnerable of our population. The People’s Dispensary creates spaces and curates products that enhance the lives of our communities, individually and collectively. They believe that cannabis is an alternative medicine that is a basic human right.

The People's

Christine is passionate about the industry that saved her life. At the top of her tech career, she almost died from complications of undiagnosed Lupus. In 2015, she found cannabis as an alternative to treat her lupus. No longer bound to 11 pills a day or monthly infusions, she was inspired by her experience to open Benefit Health Collective in 2016, along with her three co-founders to help those who most need access to cannabis. Together they have grown a profitable multi state dispensary and a fiercely sought after national social equity model and enterprise now known as The People’s Dispensary. Christine sits on the board of the Access and Innovation Project and is a committee member of the National Cannabis Industry Association’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee.

Frederika brings with her over a decade of campaign development and crisis management experience. With a focus on stakeholder engagement, coalition building and inequity work. She is excited to work on addressing harm and proposing equitable solutions in the cannabis industry. “Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will”. ~Frederick Douglass Host of weekly podcast and newsletter “The People Are Blunt” Co-Chair of NYCCIA/HVCIA Social Equity Committee and member of Amnesty Committee Member of NYCIA Social Equity and Regulatory Committee. We spoke at the NCIA Midwest Cannabis Business Conference on The Importance of BIPOC in the Supply Chain from Seed to Sale.